56 of the Cutest Baby Owls: Sleeping, Kissing, and Glaring Skeptically

We spent hours scouring the internet for the cutest baby owls in existence. Here they are.

Viral cute owls

Viral photo, origin unknown

 The most common myth about owls is they can rotate their head all the way around. Actually, they can’t do it, however, they can rotate their neck about 135 degrees in each direction. So, we can say they can enjoy a 270 degrees view sitting at one point.

Cute mini owl

Cute Mini Owl, Origin Unknown


Flammulated owls are also on the list of small and cute owls not only due to their beautiful feathers and small size but also due to their round big black eyes. They are just larger than a sparrow and can be found in US and Mexico. However, it’s a bit difficult to spot them as they are small and sit on the top branches of trees.


Baby owl peeking out of tree


Cute owl glaring skeptically



Fuzzy Owlets

 Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash


Baby owls are called as owlets. Baby owls are cute, however, there is no respect for cuteness in nature. As you may have listened “Survival of the fittest”. This is applied here by their parents. The food is first fed to the eldest and strongest baby owl. As owls live in the wild so they may come across food scarcity issues so someone have to survive to continue their species. Sometimes, when food is not available, the strongest and eldest baby owl can even kill the young or weak cute baby owl to fulfill its hunger. This seems to be brutal but this is the only way to survive in nature.


Cute owlet

 Cute owlet, Origin Unknown


Cute wise Owl

Cute wise Owl by Dušan veverkolog 


Cute wise owl

 Cute Wise Owl by PEHart


Miniature owlet

Miniature Owlet, Origin Unknown 


Fuzzy baby owl

A Great Horned Owlet perched on a bare branch with its eyes wide open staring right at the camera by Ray Hennessy


Tall skinny cute baby owls

Baby Owls, Origin Unknown 


Owls can’t chew their food so they have to engulf their food as a whole. You may have seen owls ripping off their food, this all is due to lack of capacity for chewing. On the other hand, they not only defecate but also waste their waste material by vomiting after each 6-10 hours.


Skeptical owl

Young Long-eared owl (Asio otus) by Erik Karits


The most common myth about owls is they can rotate their head all the way around. Actually, they can’t do it, however, they can rotate their neck about 135 degrees in each direction. So, we can say they can enjoy a 270 degrees view sitting at one point.


Cute baby owls

Cute baby owls 


Cute fuzzy owlet

Cute Fuzzy Owlet by Robyn Merchant


Cute owl

Cute Owl, Origin Unknown 


Mini baby owlet

 Mini baby owlet by sean icari


Beautiful Cute Wise Owl

Beautiful Cute Wise Owl by Daniel Mačura


Cute snuggling owls

Cute Snuggling Owls by Zdeněk Macháček


Cute ticked off owl

Cute Ticked Owl by Eric Zhou


Cute mini owl

 Cute Mini Owl, Origin Unknown

Cute winking owl

 Cute Winking Owl, Origin Unknown


The smallest and most cute owl in the world lives around the borders of Mexico. These are Elf Owls and have only weigh about 50g and a size of about 5 inches.


Cute owl

Cute Owl by Magdalena Kula Manchee 


Sacred baby owl in forest

Sacred baby Owl in forest, Origin Unknown


Baby owl among the flowers

 Baby Owl among the Flowers, Origin Unknown


Sleeping baby owls

Cute spotted owl couple by Manidip Mandal 

Owlet giving side-eye

Owlet Giving Side-eye by Christian Taylor 


Cute Owl on ground



Cute row of owls

Cute Row of Owls by Stephen Tafra 


Skeptical cute owl

Skeptical Cute Owl by Erik Karits 


Sleepy Owlet

Sleepy Owlet by cameron Livingstone 


Baby owl 9

 Baby Owl, Origin Unknown

Fuzzy baby owls

 Fuzzy Baby Owls, Origin Unknown


Cute owl

 Cute Owl, Origin Unknown


Befuddled cute owls

 Befuddled Cute Owls by xMassacree


As most the owls are hunters so they fulfill their requirements of energy from prey. Besides the other species of animals and rodents, owls can also eat other owls. Large Great horned owls eat small cute owls like Barred owls. Barred owls can eat Western Screech owls. However, all the owls are not hunters of small cute owls.


Cute angry owl

Cute Angry Owl by Neil Radcliffe


What about Harry Potter’s owl? The beauty of the snowy owl was represented to the world by the Harry Potter series and it is now considered one of the cutest owls. However, don’t just go with its cuteness, they are ferocious hunters and can eat about 1600 lemming in a year.


Cute alert owl

Cute Alert Owl by Zdeněk Macháček 



Cute baby owls

 Cute Baby Owls by msank


Cute owl

 Cute Owl by Andy Chilton


Cute alert owl

Cute Alert Owl by Afif Kusuma 


Cute OwlCute Owl by Erik Karits 


Cute owl

 Cute Owl by Erik Karits


Cute owl

This Burrowing Owl was photographed in the wild.... non zoo, non baited, non raptor/bird show. by Martin Passchier


The small size with the long legs of this cute owl gives it an overwhelming marvelous look that seems to be fantasized but it is all real. They can run on the ground and hides underground. They are found in Mexico, Florida, the western US, and the Caribbean.


Cute owl

 Cute Barred Owl by Frank


Cute owl big eyes

 Big Eyed Southern White - Faced 4 months old Owl by Pam P Photos


The fascinating large eyes of owls give them a magnificent look and owls seem to be cute. These cute owls have a problem moving their eyes. Different from other birds and animals they have “Eye Tubes” instead of eyeballs. As these eye tubes are far behind in the eye so they are fixed at that place and an owl can’t move it. As a result, they have to rotate their head instead of moving their eyeballs.


Cute Owl in Evening LightCute owl in evening light by Erik Karits 


Cute owl hiding in grass

 A Florida Burrowing Owl begins to rest its eyes as the setting sun shines on by Ray Hennessy


Cute owl in the clouds

 Cute Owl in the Clouds by Erik Karits


Cute owl on fence

 Cute Owl on fence by James Armes


Cute Owl Talking

Cute Owl Talking by Eva Darron 


Cute owl talking

 Cute Skeptical Owl, Origin Unknown


Cute wise owl

 Cute Wise Owl by Erik Karits


Cute Wise Owl

 Cute wise Barn Owl by Rodney Holbrook


You can enjoy the cuteness of Barn owls all around the world. Their magnificent look is due to their penetrating black eyes and heart-shaped face disk. These cute owls can’t be found in polar and desert regions.


Shocked cute owl

 Shocked Cute Northern Saw-whet owl by Brian Eagar Nature Photogr


Southern white-faced owls have a cute look due to their hanging feathers over its beak that give them a mustached look. They also have ear tufts and white face disks which increase the elegancy of these cute owls.


Skeptical Cute Owl

Skeptical Cute Owl by Dominik Van Opdenbosch 


Sleeping owlets

A spectacled owl seems to be more intelligent and elegant than any other owl. These owls have a black head with white feathers around the eyes which make them elegantly cute owls.

Cutest baby owlet

 Cutest Baby Owlet


Besides the cuteness of owls, the owls are also linked with many beliefs and mysteries from ancient times. In ancient Greece, an owl was a companion of Athena who was the goddess of wisdom in ancient Greece. That’s why the owl is linked with knowledge and wisdom. Athena was a warrior goddess so the owl was considered to be the protector of the armies of Athena.

The Other mystery that was linked with owls in ancient times is death, evil, and superstitions. To date, in many areas of the world owls and the blood of owls are used in a different type of evil and satanic rituals.