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This Wooden Bird Feeder is a completely functional rustic design for your feathered companions.

Our Bird Feeders are composed of high-quality pine wood that lasts a long time. The bird feeder has a twist-lock top that keeps the lid securely closed, and the seeds within are fresh and dry. Seed levels can be easily inspected thanks to the glass panels. When it's time to replenish, simply turn the key to unlock the lid, raise it up, and pour seed. This hangable feeder makes cleaning and replenishment a breeze.

Any bird food will fit in the Hangable Feeder. For bird lovers, this is the ideal present. The design is both attractive and utilitarian, like a home roof to keep the feed dry and waterproof. This item arrives completely built and ready to hang from a tree branch or outside.

  • Locking cover to keep the seed inside fresh and dry.
  • The structure is made of solidly treated wood.
  • Assembles quickly and easily.