Bird Feeder Hook

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The adjustable hooks are perfect for a hanging planter or your favourite wind chime.

Outside, use our flexible decorative Deck Hook Holder. Hummingbird feeders, birdhouses, birdbaths, bird cages, wind chimes, and lamps can all benefit from this multi-purpose item. Install with the provided screws into walls or decks. The hand swivel allows you to modify the hook's height and angle easily.

The Adjustable Top Hooks are ideal for small bird feeders like hopper, tube, and nyjer feeders, while another set of adjustable hooks is ideal for a hanging planter or your favourite wind chime. Attract various wild birds to your backyard or garden and watch them feed in the comfort of your own home, whether via a window or from a patio or deck. Perfect for squirrel-proof feeders that dangle from the ceiling.

  • Powder-coated rust-proof.
  • Hang bird feeders, lanterns, flower baskets, wind chimes, etc.
  • Deck rail bird feeder hook keeps birdseed and bird poop off your deck.