Concrete Bird Bath Bowl

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A traditional bird bath featuring a flower encased in a diamond pattern that is engraved along the rim of the bowl.

Our Birdbath is made of concrete and weather-resistant Concrete, and it has all of the benefits of these materials, including strength, durability, weather and damage resistance, long-lasting color, and a strong UV resistant ability that keeps it looking good in the wind, rain, hot, and cold seasons. The design is so straightforward that it's simple to put together and maintain. The birdbath's lightweight concrete construction resists weather damage, and the robust base keeps it from tipping over.

The Concrete Birdbaths with water or food can entice birds to stay in your yard, aerate the soil for more water and nutrients, and add beauty to your garden lawn. The pedestal appears to have a very detailed flower pattern etched into it. The weathered concrete texture complements the modern classic garden design well, giving a style that's ideal for nestling among your flowers and plants in your backyard garden.

  • Made of Concrete
  • A stunning addition to your outdoor space
  • The Florence concrete bird fountain is handcrafted