Heated Bird Bath

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Our Heated Bird Bath is made of weather-resistant material, delivers fresh water on cold days for bird drinks, but is also excellent for spring and summer use, attracting birds to your park. What a lovely scene. Inside, the heating element is safely covered and sealed, assuring maximum safety. In addition, the built-in thermostat will only turn on when it is needed, conserving energy.

The Outdoor Heated Bird Bath is excellent for bird lovers. The edge is shaped such that a bird's talons may readily grip it, giving it a natural perch. In addition, clean, warm water in sub-zero conditions ensures that the birds will have a good time. It's easy to clean because it's removable. The pedestal for our bird bowl may be readily removed.

  • It is suitable for all-season.
  • The Heated Bird Bath is ideal for bird lovers.
  • It has a durable design.