Amish-handcrafted Seagull Bird Feeder

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Transform your backyard with these bright, beautiful works of art!

Fill your domain with cheerful birdsong and bask in the joy and healing peace of dozens of feathered friends.

Enjoy unlimited, wholesome entertainment with the zen of gazing deeply into a flickering campfire, but with far more humor and variety.

These hand-made, wooden bird feeders are made in the USA by Amish craftsman.

They’re built to last as a generational heirloom you can pass down. (You get what you pay for and you’re paying for the highest quality. A few years ago, I bought some cheap bird feeders on Amazon and they already look horrendous.)

These are bigger than you’d think. They hold a massive amount of seed and are a unique statement piece for your yard.

  • Made of wood
  • Sealed with exterior paint
  • Rope included to hang anywhere (does not include mounting pole)
  • Hinged head to fill bird feeder
  • 20x15x6 inches
  • Eye-catching and beautiful!

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