Sunflower Bird Bath

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Bring your favorite birds to use as a garden birdbath or bird feeder.

This Sunflower Bird Bathwater basin is made of a high-quality glass water basin bowl finished with a charming yellow sunflower example and spotless metal stake, its sturdy material, and waterproof capacity are appropriate for outside use. Overhaul the yellow water basin base to a four-pronged base to add more

These Sunflower Poly Resin Birdbaths stability and make you move the glass water basin to put in the ideal spot easily, simple to set up this yellow water basin. The water basin synthesis with a sunflower design lights up the nursery or yard and will draw in the exquisite bird or spread bugs. The energetic sunflower configuration flawlessly supplements nature.

  • Give clean water to the wild birds with our yellow blossom water basin with a metal stake.
  • The water basin gives an invigorating shower as well as an enlivening water supply.
  • The brilliant shading sunflower design water basin isn't simply a water basin, yet additionally a bird feeder.